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Our Team



Alongside running Tablehurst Young Farmers I am a mother of two small, lively children. We have chickens, bees and pigs at home and dream of having the space to have our own small holding one day! I've worked on biodynamic and organic farms for the past 7 years and love helping children get involved and excited about farming.



Hello I'm Karen!  My life so far has been supporting vulnerable adults and working with children of all ages in the UK and abroad. I love being outside on the farm working with the Farm Kids.  I attend Plumpton College to get to know farm stuff and look towards having a small holding in the future.  I joined Tablehurst Farm Kids in 2019 where I am enthused and extremely excited about working alongside the kids, sharing and growing all aspects of farming life!



Hi I am Emi. Biodynamic Farming fascinates me, I love being around goats, sheep and cows and every year I learn more and more about growing veggies. I so much enjoy telling stories and singing to children, it makes my heart full with happiness.



I'm Rhiannan (on the right) and I've been working with Young Farmers since September 2020. When I'm not at Tablehurst, I volunteer at a smallholding near Lewes where I am learning about looking after sheep, chickens and horses. I live on the coast in West Sussex, where I have an allotment which I love. I am passionate about learning and the natural world.



Hello, I’m Amy!  I have always worked with children and now home educate my own family.  I love being able to watch children learn and grow, it’s extremely rewarding! I have experience running Forest Schools and have volunteered via wwoof farming trying to learn and be involved in sustainable and mindful farming practices.  Working with animals and being outside learning about bio dynamic organic farming is just a dream come true for me and I plan to have my own small holding in the future.

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