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Our Groups

We offer multiple sessions per week catering for children aged 0 - 16, a Saturday Kids Club and Holiday Clubs called Farm Explorers.  You can find details of each session below.

We also offer experiences for schools and birthday parties, please get in touch to find out more.


Seedlings (Parent & Child)
Age 0 - 5

We are a weekly parent/carer and child group for children who are comfortable walking to 5/6 years old and their parents or carers. Adults build and develop a child-friendly space on the farm while the children will play, sing songs, sow seeds, dig, experience farm life and get muddy!
We've dug a mud pit, built a pallet bench, laid woodchip and sheepswool and looked after the pigs, piglets, sheep and cows. Join us for work and fun at Tablehurst Farm.


Farm Kids
Age 5 - 11

You will join us for one day a week on Tablehurst Farm, a community biodynamic and organic farm. Together with a group of Young Farmers, you will learn and experience growing vegetables, looking after animals such as pigs, cows, sheep and chickens, carry out important tasks around the farm, learn about the biodynamic calendar and the principles of organic farming and play lots of games inbetween. You will also have a chance to do seasonal crafts and carry out longer term projects such as model building and painting to develop the farm as a community resource. (Please note that children must have celebrated their 5th Birthday before they can join us.)


Let's Grow!
Age 12-16

This is an innovative and creative challenge for a small group of 12 to 16 year olds. The group will have access to a plot of land at Tablehurst Organic and Biodynamic Farm and will be given the freedom to design, execute and maintain a business venture within the world of farming. The group will be expected to design and manage a growing plan, do hands-on vegetable growing, using a range of tools, advertise and market their venture, do basic book-keeping, and work towards creating a viable business. There is scope and potential for aquiring and looking after livestock as part of the project.


Farm Explorers
(Holiday Clubs)

Age 5-11

Our Farm Explorers group runs during the school holidays. The sessions run for one day,  two day or three-day blocks and are a chance for children to get stuck into farm life, help out with daily farm tasks and take part in specialist workshops.

(Please note that children must have celebrated their 5th Birthday before they can join us)

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